Choosing a City Attorney on Super Tuesday, March 5



chula vista attorney — On Super Tuesday, March 5, 2024, voters will choose a city attorney and vote in two city council districts. The top two candidates in each district will advance to the November general election. The race for Chula Vista’s city attorney will include Bart Miesfeld and Marco Verdugo. Both candidates have worked in the city attorney’s office before. Miesfeld was the city’s last appointed city attorney before it became an elected position and he cites his experience in his campaign. Verdugo has worked in the attorney’s office and he also serves as an outside city attorney for Coronado and Solana Beach. He has collected endorsements from several previous city attorneys and the county Democratic Party.

Chula Vista’s Legal Advocate: Your Attorney for Success

In his campaign, Miesfeld argues that voters have lost trust in the office because of City Councilwoman Andrea Cardenas’ felony fraud indictment. He has pushed for open government policies and has vowed to make the office more transparent. Verdugo has focused on restoring the public’s faith in the City Attorney’s office and has cited his experience prosecuting corruption and protecting vulnerable residents.

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