The Konica Minolta Accurio Digital Camera Review


The Konica Minolta Accurio Digital Camera Review

The Konica Minolta accuriopress-c14000 FTG Accuriopress C1400 Digital Camera is a new entry in the compact digital camera segment. It has all the basic features of the top end models, but it is priced to suit the needs of the average user. If you are a photographer who is looking for an all round good camera with good picture quality for less money than you would normally pay then the Minolta Accurio could be the one for you. It comes with many standard features and the same high quality imaging as its competition, but it is priced at a much lower price. This article will go into more depth on the Minolta Accurio and highlight some of the best points about this digital camera.


The lens of this camera is especially nice, especially when you consider that you can change it from wide angle to medium and even some telephoto lenses. There is f/stop, shutter speed, and even manual focusing which allows for more control over your pictures. The lens is especially great if you are interested in landscape and outdoor photography, where the focal point should be something that you can get a good shot of.


The Minolta Accurio has a great build quality, and the camera itself feels solid and looks very professional. It does not have as many fancy functions as some of the other digital cameras, but this is probably because they were designed more for the mass market. They still make good use of technology and the image quality is still excellent, even though the photo modes are limited. One of the best aspects of the Minolta Accurio is that it comes with a carrying case, which is great for those moments when you want to transfer your Minolta Accurio to another location. It has also been designed with a scratch resistant screen which should prove difficult for anyone to damage.

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