The Basics of Bot Detection


Bot detection is an important step in the process of keeping your site free from malicious bots. Some methods of bot detection can be automated, while others require human intervention. The best way to detect bots is to monitor for specific patterns of behaviour. You can do this by monitoring single-page visits, or by analyzing server-side logs.

Fraudsters have become very sophisticated, and they use bots to multiply their attacks and defraud businesses. Because they are highly scalable, bots can carry out thousands of attacks simultaneously. Fortunately, you can detect and block bot traffic with a web security product. The process is simple and can help you protect your website from fraudulent activity.

Moreover, a bot detection program can block malicious bots in real time. Unlike manual methods, bot detection can save your business a lot of time and effort. It can prevent the harmful activity of malicious bots and protect it from being taken down by hackers. It can be installed in a short time, and it is inexpensive. Furthermore, it can help your business save a lot of money in the long run.

After enabling bot management, you can start the detection process. To do so, you should enable Citrix ADC and configure a bot policy and profile. After this, you must bind the bot profile to a bot signature. To do this, clone a bot signature file and import it into your bot profile.

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