Shipping Container Hire – Should You Buy Or Rent?


Shipping Container Hire

Shipping Container Hire is a widespread business enabling companies to rent or lease cargo containers for various purposes. These containers are rented for negotiable prices and are available on short-term or long-term leasing agreements. Compared to purchasing a container, leasing is more budget & cash-flow-friendly as the rental charges can be categorized as operating costs. Additionally, renting allows you to change your storage capacity quickly and easily, which can be ideal for seasonal businesses or periods when you need more storage space than usual.

Choosing the Right Size: A Comprehensive Overview of Shipping Container Dimensions

While it makes sense to rent a container, many people still ask themselves whether buying is the best option. To decide, it is important to understand the duration of use and reasons for using the container. Buying is an attractive option when your requirements are for year-round use and you have enough capital to invest in the purchase. However, most businesses have selling seasons or specific use cases for which they require the container only for a short time. When this happens, purchasing a container is more expensive as you need to pay for transportation and storage costs.

To reduce these expenses, you can opt for one-way rentals. This type of lease enables you to pick up your container at the partner’s depot and move it to another location, where you will need to return it. The advantage of this agreement is that you avoid demurrage and detention fees, which can rapidly add up.

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