How to Select a Small Portable Oxygen Concentrator


small portable oxygen concentrator

A small portable oxygen concentrator is becoming more popular with patients who need a supplemental oxygen system. It can offer a more convenient solution than larger systems and allow patients to spend time with their families, travel around town or even go on adventures across the country.

A portable oxygen concentrator is a compact machine that filters, compresses and removes nitrogen to provide higher concentrations of oxygen for the patient’s oxygen therapy needs. The concentrated air delivered by a specialized oxygen system is up to 95% pure oxygen, which increases the patient’s oxygen saturation levels in their blood.

Choose the Right Concentrator For Your Needs

When selecting a supplemental oxygen system, it is important to know your oxygen requirements for rest, activity (like walking and daily errands), and sleep. Share these with your doctor or respiratory therapist so they can recommend the right product for you.

How Much Does a Portable Oxygen Concentrator Cost? Understanding the Different Factors that Affect Pricing

Many patients prefer a continuous flow oxygen concentrator because it provides high flows of oxygen that can be used continuously without the need for refilling the tank. Other patients may want a pulse dose oxygen concentrator because it delivers only when the patient inhales, reducing battery use.

Consider the Power Options

The most common power option for a portable oxygen concentrator is a rechargeable battery. This type of concentrator can operate on either a car or boat battery, or even from an internal power source, which requires recharging every two to nine hours.

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