How Sponsored LinX Got Started?

Digital Marketing

Sponsored LinX is a provider of SEO management services. It was founded by David Bailey, who had his own successful online business, managing a number of websites and blogs. The first step to the success of Sponsored LinX was creating a strategic partnership with Sun Microsystems and Yahoo! Search Marketing. Read more

Sponsored LinX – A successful linking campaign



The first part of the strategic partnership involved using Sponsored LinX’s in-house SEO team to develop and implement a strategy based on search engine optimization. The second part of this strategic partnership involved creating and launching a new website design service. The website design service offered by Sponsored LinX is meant to make the process of achieving top rankings for the key phrases more efficient. The first step to achieving a high website ranking is building links from other relevant websites. The linking strategy is meant to increase your websites link popularity thus improving your positioning in the search engines.


To ensure a successful linking campaign, you should use the Yahoo! Directory application, which is offered by the Sponsored LinX SEO management services. The Yahoo! directory provides a large number of link partners that will help your website achieve good positioning in the search engines. The other part of the strategic partnership between Sponsored LinX and Yahoo! Search Marketing was the launch of the linx app marketing tool, which enables webmasters to track their own and other web sites performance in the search engines.

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