Floor Markings Communicate Important Work Areas and Logistics to Employees at-A-Glance


Floor Markings clearly communicate important work areas, safety hazards and facility logistics to employees a glance. By providing workers with this important visual information, workplace accidents and frustration are reduced – saving facilities money in worker compensation claims, inventory loss, and equipment damage.

Floor marking tape or paint is the most common floor marking product. It’s typically made from vinyl and includes an industrial adhesive for a strong bond with the flooring surface. Tape is flexible and comes in many colors including reflective and glow-in-the-dark options for low or no-light conditions. Tape is less long-lasting than paint and must be removed periodically, but it’s an inexpensive way to get your message out quickly.

Precision on the Floor: A Guide to Effective Line Marking

Safety lines on the floor clearly delineate pedestrian passageways from motorized traffic, as well as separate storage areas and equipment zones. They’re also useful for identifying trash receptacles, pallets and products, helping to streamline workflow processes. Barriers can also serve as a vertical extension of safety lines – physically separating potentially volatile areas from pedestrians.

Arrow shapes are the workhorses of floor marking shapes, indicating the direction or flow of materials and equipment. When used with different colors and sizes, they can create a clear visual language for workers to follow. Foot shapes help delineate walkways in areas where forklifts operate – keeping employees safe and preventing collisions. T shapes identify areas where products or equipment are stored – again, with the option of using different colors and sizes to create a clear language. Having these shapes in place helps prevent employees from wandering into hazardous areas or in the path of forklifts, improving overall warehouse safety and efficiency.

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