Fashion Trends of the 90s


90s style

One of the most popular fashion trends of the 90’s style was double denim. This was a combination of two different denim fabrics, which gave the wearer a baggy fit. Often, the double denim look featured a faded washed out color.

Another popular piece in the mid-90s was a silky blouse. These could be worn under a long sweater. It was a classic look that was perfect for a casual day at the beach.

Chokers were a very popular accessory during the 1990s. They were a great accessory to add a edgy element to an outfit. A choker would usually be made of fabric or charms.

Cropped cardigans were also a trend. Many celebrities wore this style. The most popular version was a midriff-baring version.

Leather chokers were a popular accessory. They were worn with a mini skirt.

The Return of the Crop Tops: How 90s Fashion is Making a Comeback

Combat boots were a popular footwear for the 90s. They were worn by hip hop artists, basketball players, and other alternative types of celebrities. They were sturdy and lightweight.

Fanny packs were another popular fashion item. They were easy to wear, and kept all your possessions safe.

Basketball pump sneakers were another popular fashion item. They were worn by Michael Chang and Dominique Wilkins. Wearing a cap on the side was a cool way to express sartorial rebellion.

Ripped jeans were also a popular 90s fashion item. These jeans were worn by rappers, shitty bands, and people who had some serious pocket money.

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