Cricket Flashing


cricket flashing

Cricket Flashing is very common when it comes to fireplaces. Basically, what happens is when a fire is burning in a home, the heat actually cooks the creosote out of everything, inside the home. But, if you have a fireplace screen, it keeps some of that heat inside, so the creosote doesn’t build up as fast. And also, when the fire is going through, it also can help to cut down on the amount of heat that escapes through the windows. So, this is why a fireplace with a screen is very important. In the case of a screen, you can have a screen that is a cricket shaped, or a shaped after a baseball diamond.


In the case of a screen, a metal flashing might be put down over the top of the screen to protect it from getting scorched. In fact, this is what many fireplaces that use a screen look like. Metal flashing is basically a cutter. Once water runs down the roof to a point where it’s only a few inches away from the ground, water, debris, and all sorts of things can build up behind the screen, especially if it’s simply a flat roof pitch. However, when you install a cricket flashing like this, it pushes most of it down either side of the screen (if it’s a flat roof pitch) so that most of the water and debris that’re standing on top of it either gets pushed off or pushed under.


Another reason why this kind of cricket flashing is very popular is because of its durability. Unlike regular flashing, which will bend or break easily, cricket flashing is extremely durable and is designed to handle the constant weight of cricket bats, cricket balls, and even crickets. It’s also a great option for protecting houses from burning in case of a fire. When used in conjunction with proper fireproofing materials like cedar shakes or hardboard, this flashing should do a very good job of keeping your home safe from fire damage. Cricket fans all across the world have been enjoying watching their favorite game from a safe vantage point with the help of this copper flashing.

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