Choosing Tennis Court Contractors


If you love the game of Tennis Court Contractors, having your own court at home is a great way to keep up with your regular practice without the hassles and expense of club fees and transportation. Choosing the right tennis court contractor is important to ensure you get the best quality tennis court. A professional who is an ASBA and USTA Certified Tennis Court Builder will have a high level of experience building a wide variety of different types of courts.

In addition to laying the actual playing surface, a contractor will also make sure that the court is protected and ready for use. Proper drainage is essential to protect the court from water damage. This can include storm drains, French drains or perforated drain lines surrounded with stone and an appropriate incline to move any moisture away from the tennis court.

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Once the tennis court is constructed, it is a good idea to add some fencing and outdoor seating for players and spectators. This will provide privacy and protection and make the court feel like an oasis away from the rest of your home.

If you have concrete or Netball Court Specialists, regular maintenance will be necessary to prevent cracking. New York’s climate is very harsh and freeze-thaw cycles cause a lot of damage to these kinds of surfaces. An experienced professional will be able to help with short or long-term crack repair options. Many homeowners choose to install a synthetic turf court which looks and plays very similar to a grass court but requires less upkeep.

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