Nashville Suboxone Clinic

In October, Nashville Suboxone Clinic welcomed new patients with open arms. They had just opened their doors for business and the lines have been moving ever since. Many people who live in the Nashville area are now going there for help with their addictions. Their success story began in July, when they decided to finally seek help from a medical professional for their drug addiction. This clinic has been one of the most successful Suboxone clinics in the country, especially in Nashville and surrounding areas.

How To Learn Nashville Suboxone Clinic

At the Nashville Suboxone Clinic, patients get individualized care from licensed physicians, medical specialists and staff with the goal of helping them achieve complete and permanent recovery from their addictions. It is during the first visit that the doctors determine if the patient needs further evaluation or if the problem warrants being referred to another medical professional. The doctors will do a physical examination, review the medical records of the patient, perform an interview and also order various tests to ensure the validity of their diagnosis and prognosis of the patient’s treatment plan.

During the first visit, the attending physician will ask about the severity of the patient’s addiction, any family history, medications taken in the past, medications currently being used and any co-occurring disorders such as depression or anxiety. The attending physician will also take the medical history of the patient, conduct a physical examination and review the mental health, developmental and social history of the patient. A mental status evaluation will be done, looking at whether or not the patient is taking their medications as scheduled and if the patient has any thoughts of using drugs again. If the patient has had success with their medication-assisted treatment at the Nashville Suboxone Clinic, the physician will ask them to complete a post-rehab program.

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