5 Decking Ideas That’ll Take Your Outdoor Living to the Next Level


No matter the size or shape of your yard, you can adorn it with a charming and functional garden deck. You can even transform a small backyard into an enchanting, relaxing space where you and your family can spend time – or entertain friends – all year round.

Do termites eat composite decking?

Adding comfortable seating to your deck is the perfect way to make your patio feel like a home away from home. The right cushions, fluffy pillows, and bright furniture can all spruce up the look of your deck, bringing it to life and enhancing your overall experience.

If you want to bring a little color and personality to your decking ideas, consider bold prints. Berber-style diamonds in monochrome hues or big florals in vibrant shades can add instant interest to your yard.

Plants That’ll Screen Your Garden From View

If your neighbors or passersby could be a bother, you can create a private deck with plants that will shield you from their gaze. Drought-tolerant olive trees, lavender, and ornamental grasses will all work well.

Accent Your Garden with Stylish Planters and Accessories

If you don’t have room for taller plants on your deck, opt for potted flower arrangements instead. These are easy to move when you move, and they will add a pop of color and interest to your patio area.

Dark Decking That’s Hot Al Fresco

This beautiful and eye-catching patio area uses dark gray decking to complement a light wood bench and a collection of chic planters. A pair of colorful cushions and a table runner also add a touch of brightness to the design.

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